Ron Paul Is Our Best Chance At Full Legalization Of Marijuana

(And fix a lot of the s**t
that's wrong with this country)

It's time to vote for Ron Paul and get serious about fully legalizing pot. I'm not just talking about legalizing medical marijuana but recreational as well. If there ever was a time to put on the big boy pants and take the legalization of seriously, it's NOW.

I know what a lot of readers are probably thinking: "There's no way I'd vote for an evil Republican." Well, I've got a newsflash for you. Both the establishment Democrats and the Republicans STINK. And both parties hate Dr. Ron Paul. Why? Because he exposes the corruption in our government from both parties and these cockroaches in Congress see their gravy train being threatened. Big time.

Sidebar: I just came across this awesome Ron Paul video from the Tonight Show. He pretty much lays out his stance on everything that matters for a presidential candidate. If you're not familiar with Ron Paul, prepare to have your mind blown by his ridiculously common sense ideas. Be sure to stick around for the end of the video when Joe Rogan comes out. Epic!

It's why the complicit corporate controlled media has for decades, tried to ignore Dr. Paul. When they couldn't do that thanks to alternative sources of information, the mainstream media tried to portray him as "fringe," a "kook," or having "extreme" views. (Yeah. Peace is considered "extreme" these days.)

Texas congressman Ron Paul is the only candidate who has remained consistent in his political positions for his entire career. He stands with the Constitution, Declaration of Independence, the Bill of Rights. Documents that mean you and I have God-given (not government-given) rights to live and let live. Pretty reasonable, no?

Ron Paul And Legalizing Pot

"The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people."

-- Tenth Amendment to the United States Constitution

What does this say? That a state's right to decide what is best for itself and its citizen stays with the state and its citizens. It is not the federal goverment's job to tell states what it can and cannot do. When it does, it completely disregards the will of the people. Remember: This is the nation that Abraham Lincoln said "shall have a new birth of freedom - and that the government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth.

Why is this important? Who voted for approval for medical marijuana in 16 states and Washington DC? The People of the 16 states and Washington DC. Who has been busting legal dispensaries, growers and other legitimate medical marijuana businesses? The federal government.

The federal government is overstepping its bounds (again) and using its might to disregard the will of The People in and continue their bogus war on drugs. And presidential candidate, Ron Paul has been the lone voice of sanity. Although the mainstream media would like everyone to think he's "fringe."

If the government can do this with pot, they can (and ARE doing it) with what you eat, what you drink, what supplements you take, and what you grow.

Check out this video from CNBC. Everything you need to know about Dr. Paul's position on medical marijuana and why it should be regulated like alcohol is in this clip.

Warning! Larry Kudlow is a gasbag of pompous hot air. Viewer discretion is advised.

Politics And Legalizing Pot

So let's see. The great Hope And Change turns out to be a complete sell out. Despite campaigning on the meme "it's not a good use of Justice Department resources" Obama has been continuing the assault on legitimate medical marijuana businesses.

Dr. Paul is the only candidate who has been in favor of ending the war on drugs and getting the federal government off the backs of businesses consistently. Oh, and let's not forget Dr. Paul actually walks the walk and has introduced a bill that would protect the rights of legitimate medical marijuana businesses. (Update: The bill HR 1984 has been referred to committee, the first step in the legislative process. Majority of bills never make it out of committee. This could be one of them. Government bureaucracy at it's worst.)

Newt Gingrich (resident asshat) said medical marijuana is a "terrible idea".

Mitt Romney just turns his back on a medical marijauana patient when asked is Romney would have him arrested for using medical marijuana.

Here is Paul's response to the same medical marijuana patient who asks him why he would be a better presidential candidate for a patient like himself.

The good doctor staying classy.

STILL Need A Reason To Vote For Ron Paul? Peep This!

(My first video edit, BTW!)

Want More Info? Peep this.

Join the rEVOLution!

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