Pot Smoking Accessories

Pot smoking accessories can range from high tech, remote controlled vaporizers to simple wooden pipes used since the dawn of man. There are numerous ways how to smoke marijuana. Undoubtedly, you can find your favorite means of medicating.


The cannabis vaporizer is device that heats your medical marijuana at a high temperature, causing the cannabinoids and THC to boil and vaporize. The vaporizer is a great way how to smoke marijuana because you're not burning your medicine. This greatly reduces the effects that you get from traditonal smoking.

Instead of inhaling smoke (take note, Bill Clinton), you breathe in a thin mist of vapor. And while I think smoking organically grown medical marijuana is much safer than smoking tobacco, if this is concern for you, the vaporizer could be your best choice of pot smoking accessories.

Vaporizers generally heat marijuana anywhere from 285 degrees °F (170 °C) to 392 °F (200 °C). Anything over 392 °F and you run the risk of simply burning your medicine and creating unwanted smoke.

Dome vaporizer

Vaporizers come in a variety of designs. I currently have a dome vaporizer. It's really old and I'm sure the new designs are improved. Its nice because I can turn it off when I need to so my medicine doesn't continue to cook. I don't use it too often because it needs to be plugged in so its not as portable. I also need to run an extension cord if it sits on my coffee table, which would be fine if I just sat on my couch and smoked. But I'm usually up and moving about multi-tasking: working on the computer, watching TV, cooking dinner and writing this website (so please excuse the typos and random gibberish).

I also find it tends to make my throat more sore the next day than when I use other pot smoking accessories. Probably more user error on my part. I think I'm inhaling too hard since the vapor is so light. I hit it more like a water bong (my preferred choice) than lightly inhaling the delicate, subtle haze. I guess anything worth doing is worth over doing.

There are vaporizers with remote controls, hand held vaporizers, expensive vaporizers, cheap vaporizers. Click here to shop for the perfect vaporizer for you.


Of all the pot smoking accessories out there, I would put the water bong at the top of my list. The base of a bong is filled with cold water or ice cubes to cool and filter smoke.

Cooling the smoke makes it much easier to inhale large amounts of smoke. That's not to say you can't inhale too much smoke causing you to cough up a lung if proper bong management isn't exercised. Filtering the smoke through water reduces some of the carcinogens that are found in any combusted smoking product.

Acrylic bong

Like all pot smoking accessories, bongs come in a huge array of styles, size, colors, designs.

My preference for water bongs are ice bongs. And all that really means is the stem is wide enough to fit ice cubes. That way you have water in the bottom and ice cubes in the stem. A win/win.

Be aware that as the ice melts, you'll have more water in your base. Too much water in a bong can result in a very unpleasant splash of bongwater to the face. Bongwater is akin to toxic sludge.

When shopping for a water bong, look for some thing with a very wide, sturdy base. The last thing you want is spilled bongwater. There are plenty of fancy looking bongs out there. But my preference is a sturdy workhorse that is reliable, easy to use, difficult to tip over.

Click here for the best selection of water bongs in all price ranges I've found so far on the 'net.

Cannabis Pipe

The tried and true cannabis pipe is probably the simplest and functional of all pot smoking accessories. Small and portable, the cannabis pipe comes in all shapes, sizes and made of all kinds of materials.

A quick overview of the more popular cannabis pipe styles. Click on the images to order or learn more about them.

Spoon pipe. Wood pipe. Aluminum pipe.
Spoon Pipe: Glass blown cannabis pipes are unique pieces. So be aware that what you order online may look different from what you see online.Wood Pipe: A pipe with a lid is great for extinguishing your bowl so your cannabis doesn't burn up. Capping the bowl also reduces your smoke. Aluminum Pipe: This simple design is portable, durable and very inexpensive. Sometimes less is more.

Brass pipe Dugout pipe. Chillum pipe.
Brass Pipe: This is a great pipe. My husband and I have one of these. Very small, deep bowl, comes apart for easy cleaning and has a lid. Dugout Pipe: You put your cannabis in the little container and there's a bat that pops out. Fill the tip with your medicine and enjoy.Chillum Pipe: Like the dugout bat, you put your cannabis in the tip of this pot smoking accessory. However, you don't have a built in stash cache.

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