Know Your Rights

And It May Help Minimize Hassles

(But No Guarantees. Sorry.)

If you know your rights and exercise them assertively in the (hopefully unlikely) event of being stopped by the police, it could help minimize the amount of hassle. But not a guarantee.

Warning: This is not legal advice. It is provided as educational information so you know your rights as a medical marijuana patient. Medical marijuana remains illegal under federal law and in most states. Probably yours.

Help! I've Encountered The Police! What Do I Do?!!

First: Don't Panic.


  • Never consent to a search: If the police ask to look in your bag, car or home, tell them, "I do not consent to a search." If they ask why, (and they probably will), tell them you believe in the Constitution. Never let the police in your house without a warrant.
  • If the police approach you in public: do not volunteer any information, and ask if you are free to leave. If they say yes, leave. If they say no, ask them why you are being detained.
  • If you are detained: Show them that you know your rights by saying, "I choose to remain silent and I want to see a lawyer." Then remain silent!
  • If the police find your medical marijuana: present your Registry ID card or paperwork (make sure it's current!) and remain silent.

Even If You Know Your Rights...

It doesn't mean you might not get hassled, the shit kicked out of you for no good reason by some amped up police officer, put in ICU by an off duty SWAT 'roid case, or worse.

Your best defense is common sense. Don't abuse the privilege of medical marijuana by being a dumbass about it. Know your rights, be responsible for your own actions and use common sense.

Medical Marijuana Best Practices:

  • Travel smart: don't medicate and drive or operate heavy machinery. Make sure your vehicle is up to code, and if you MUST drive home with it in the car, keep it in the trunk. Otherwise, leave your cannabis at home.
  • Be prepared: keep your Registry ID or state application with certified mail receipt with you at all times while in possessions of your medical marijuana.
  • Be cool: Do not medicate where others can see you, smell you and don't leave your medical marijuana in plain view.
  • Keep away from children: never let children around your medical marijuana, edibles, or paraphernalia.

5 Reasons To Refuse
A Police Search

Here's a great video from on why you should refuse an unwarranted police search.

Update: And here is an amazing video of how to properly handle an illegal checkpoint and unwarranted search. This is a video that was recently shot by Pastor Steven L. Anderson from Tempe, AZ.

Pastor Anderson made headlines in the alternative media circles when he was brutalized by U.S. Border Patrol agents at an illegal check point in 2009 for absolutely no reason.

Note the polite but firm nature of his responses. He doesn't buckle and the agents clearly do not know what to make of someone who clearly knows his rights and is willing to assert them. We must all know our rights and protect them fiercely because they are under attack. Don't let the scumbags win.

What do you think? How would you handle this situation? I know for myself personally, I have a really bad temper. A situation like this would probably lead to me blowing a gasket and it ending badly. For me. Leave a comment below and tell us how you would react if this were you. Because next time it could be you or me.


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