Five Free Growing Marijuana Tips

Whether you're a newbie grower or experienced horticulturist, these free growing marijuana tips from Ryan Reily can help you avoid common and costly mistakes.

Ryan is the author of Growing Elite Marijuana: The Complete Guide which has been featured leading marijuana publications including High Times, 420 Magazine, Cannabis Culture and 420 Times. He has over 2 decades of growing experience. This guy is a PRO cultivator.

#1) Don't Get Busted

This free growing marijuana tip is probably one of the most important! Take heed or nothing else will matter!

If you live somewhere where the cultivation or possession of marijuana is a criminal offense then stealth and discretion are of the highest priority.

There are many factors to be aware of; heat signatures, electricity consumption spikes and snooping neighbors, these should all be borne in mind. However, by far the biggest reason for people getting caught is indiscretion.

It's tempting to tell friends about your crop, it makes you seem cool and important. The thing is, it makes them feel important too and the news soon spreads. DO NOT TELL ANYBODY ABOUT YOUR CANNABIS CULTIVATION.

#2) Don't Over Water

Lots of cannabis plants are lost through overwatering, although this applies mostly to soil set-ups. It is difficult to overwater plants in a hydroponic system, although still possible if you don't allow any oxygen to get to the roots.

With soil set-ups, it is important that the soil is not permanently waterlogged. Neither should it be allowed to totally dry out. Water when the top few inches of soil is dry. It is water in the plant cells that keeps the plant upright (turgidity), limpness and wilting in the plant is often a sign that it needs watering.

Try a wet / dry concept letting the plants get nearly dry and drooping and then watering them again, this cycle has been known to show good yields.

#3) Don't Over Feed

Giving your plant too much fertilizer is a very easy mistake to make. Many unfortunate people fall for the common misconception that more food will result in bigger plants. This is simply not the case.

Follow the instructions that come with the fertilizer very carefully. If your plant begins to show signs of over-feeding, such as curled and yellowing leaves, flush immediately and spray the leaves with pure water for several days.

#4) Wrong Temperature

Cannabis plants are very sensitive to temperature. Optimum temperature for growing weed is somewhere between 72°F to 77°F (22.2°C to 25°C) range for all growth.

Although they will tolerate temperatures between 60°F and 92°F (17°C - 33°C) these extremes are at the limits of their range and will severely affect the growth of your plant.

#5) Have Patience

Growing your own weed can be very exciting. It is important if you are growing outdoors not to jump the gun and plant your plants out before the last frost. Don't be fooled by an early mild spell. Frost will kill your plants.

At harvest time it is even more important that you keep your impatience in check. This applies to both indoor AND outdoor growing.As buds swell and become sticky it can be very tempting to cut them. But buds continue to grow, both in size and potency, right up to the end. Yields may increase by 25% in the last two weeks. Wait until around 50% of trichomes have turned opaque before harvesting.

In all my years of experience in not only growing but also teaching others how to grow world class cannabis, the aforementioned "newbie" growing mistakes run rampant.

Please keep in mind the above is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to potential critical errors, but it will do for now.

Thinking About Growing?

So there you have it. Five free growing marijuana tips from the preeminent growing authority. If you're thinking about growing but not sure where to start, click here and learn how to get a FREE Grow Report from Ryan Reily. Note: you may have to scroll down a bit if the pop up for "Thinking About Growing" doesn't pop up. But the free e-Book offer is there. I promise.

Get more free growing marijuana tips in this 22-page free report. Some of the free growing marijuana tips include how to calculate how much bud you can get from growing your own medical marijuana (pg. 14). Free growing marijuana tips that other growers don't want you to know (pg. 5). How much time and space is needed to cultivate quality bud (pg. 12). And what it will cost you (a lot less than you think!) see pg. 3.

His growing system was designed to be so easy that even an 84-year old grandmother can (and does) grow her own top shelf, high quality medical marijuana.

But wait, there's MORE! You will also see a pop up offer sign up for Ryan's "Total THC Newsletter". You can get the freshest marijuana growing tips FREE sent straight to your inbox!


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