Cannabis Grow Room

Growing marijuana indoors with a cannabis grow room can be fun, relaxing, therapeutic Zen for the medical marijuana patient. It can also be a labor-intensive, demanding responsibility for the less initiated. If considering growing weed indoors, here is some basic info you'll need to know about setting up a grow room.

Again, please check your local cannabis laws and stay within them. Do not give the government any excuse to ransack and steal your property. DEA raids on legitimate cannabis growers in the U.S. have driven up Mexico's drug cartel market share up 35%.

Our corrupt government is more interested in sustaining the war on drugs/terror/poverty because wars have been privatized, monetized and extremely profitable for the parasite thieves in Washington. Not to mention the massive amounts of Mexican drug money laundered through our biggest banks which get funneled back to the government via lobbying, campaign donations, fund raising bribes. Do you think our government is interested in legalizing marijuana and put a stop to all this free cash?

Selecting A Location

A good place to set up a grow room is in the basement. It’s naturally insulated by the foundation and soil so temperature management is easier. Attics can be used but heat buildup can make temperature consistency difficult.

Growing Marijuana Tip - Putting your grow room in the basement can add another level of security and camouflage if the door to the grow room is blocked with basement clutter. But make sure it is easy for you to access the grow room on a regular basis.

Other buildings on the property including garages, barns and sheds are the worst places for grow rooms! The police and thieves don't think entering garages, barns or sheds as a crime. They are less likely to enter a home.

But keep in mind that doesn't stop The Man from raiding legitimate cannabis businesses or pushing their way into private residences (once protected by the Fourth Amendment) and shooting your dogs.

Another reason why property outside of a home is the worst place for a cannabis grow room, consider the 81-year old man was caught two illegals trying to steal his trailer. He told them to stop, the thieves tried to run him over with their car so naturally he shot at them.

Guess who got charged with attempted murder and guess who went free for months? Colorado's "Make My Day" law only allows defense from intruders in the home. Somebody breaking into your grow room on your property? Meh!

Grow Smarter, Not Harder

Growing Elite Marijuana

If you're considering growing your own medical marijuana, do yourself a huge favor and check out this e-book. Everything you need to know about setting up your grow room, how to grow medical grade marijuana and so much more is all in this book.

Learn from over 20 years of growing experience so you don't make costly mistakes.

There's a lot of little things that can impact your crop output. This ebook will help you protect your investment on the front end so you can reap a more potent harvest on the back end.

As if that's not enough, Growing Elite Marijuana comes with a ton of sweet freebies!

Your grow guide comes with the following free ebooks:

  • Marijuana Security Black Book: Learn how to keep your grow room secure!
  • Cannabis Care Book: Will you know what to do if mites come looking for some midnight munchies?
  • Ganja Ettiquette: Don't be that guy or gal. You know what I'm talking about.
You also get free audio books (you don't even have to read!), The Marijuana Growing Quick Start Guide and Deadly Marijuana Growing Mistakes.

Cannabis Grow Room Basics

A two-room setup is ideal for productivity and is scalable. The first room is for vegetative growth, mother plants, and rooting clones. The second room is the flowering room where the crop is harvested.

A two part cannabis grow room can best maximize the different light needs of the different growth phases of cannabis. vegetative growth responds best to mid day, "cool", blue light. Flowering growth responds best to early morning, "warm", red light. The two rooms will allow you to optimize the different grow lights for plants and their respective growth stages.

The grow room should be about 1/4 the size of the flowering room.It should be enclosed. An enclosed room helps control the growing environment and can be further concealed with a false wall made of painted plywood.

Remove everything from the room that doesn't have to do with growing. You need to keep the cannabis grow room very clean. Old drapes, boxes, furniture etc. can harbor fungi or mold.

Do not allow any light to escape through windows to the outside. The tiniest sliver of light coming thorough a slit in the window covering will attract unwanted attention.

Insulate any windows to reduce the amount of heat escaping. Not only does it increase your energy efficiency, it helps reduce the window's heat signature which can be monitored with infrared surveillance equipment.

If you must block a window do it discreetly. Be sure to block the entire window. But do not make it look like the window is boarded up.

Paint the walls with a highly reflective white paint or cover the walls with Mylar to maximize light reflection on the plants to improve your growing success.

Constant air circulation and fresh air is necessary. Have at least one fresh air vent in the grow room. An exhaust fan to pull in air is usually adequate. An oscillating fan is good for circulating air when growing weed indoors.

Growing Marijuana Tip - When using fans keep the fan in constant motion and not blowing directly on the plants as this can cause wind burn and dehydration.

The larger your cannabis grow room is the greater your water demands. Make sure you have adequate and convenient access to water. A faucet that you can run hot and cold water from a hose is ideal.

The floor of your cannabis grow room ideally should have a smooth, concrete floor that can be easily cleaned. A floor drain can be very handy. If your cannabis grow room has carpet or wood floors you can use a white painter's drop cloth to protect your floors from moisture.

Let There Be Light

The size of your cannabis grow room will determine your light set up. Small growers can use portable lights and adjust as needed. If your operation is larger in scale you can hang marijuana grow lights from the ceiling joists.

Cannabis grow lights

If you use High Intensity Discharge (HID) lights in your cannabis grow room be sure to note the weight and mount hooks strong enough to support each lamp plus an additional 10% weight (or more). The lamps should be suspended by an adjustable chain or cord so you can maintain proper and optimal distance for cannabis plants as they grow. This will also make it easy to move lamps out of the way when attending to your plants.

However, you may want to consider Light Emitting Diode (LED) lights for your cannabis grow room. LEDs are more efficient, does not contain mercury like HIDs, can be set for full spectrum lighting, emits very little heat. In short, LEDs are the latest technology in grow lights for plants.

Instant Cannabis Grow Room

Are you feeling overwhelmed yet? Wish there was an easier, tried and tested method to establish a cannabis grow room that works? Are you secretly wishing there was a one-stop authority on self contained growing systems that is fully guaranteed, manufactured in the US, has everything you need for a successful cannabis grow room? Has good old fashioned customer service that employs real people and not an automated response?

Well wish no more, my friend!

PC Planter

The fine folks at Sunlight Solutions in Niagara Falls, NY have tweaked and refined the best hydroponic (soilless) growing systems.

If you're not sure where to start, it's best to start small, learn and master the techniques and expand as your operation starts to blossom. The PC Planter comes with everything you need for a 2-plant, 2 lbs. of plant matter per year operation. It is ideal for beginners or growers on a budget. Because it is a hydroponic system it is a start to finish set up, eliminating the need for two separate rooms.

These are just a few of the items included in the PC Planter kit:

  • Cooling Fans: Keeps your internal temps 5 degrees Fahrenheit above room temp. Quiet operation.
  • HID Lighting System: For vegetative and blooming stages. Low heat, high power.
  • 2-Plant Hydroponic Watering System: Two net pots, air pump, 6 organic starter plugs pre-soaked with germination aides.
  • Odor Blocking Gel: I didn't even know they made stuff like this! Safe to use, environmentally friendly and rechargeable!
  • Wireless Temp & Humidity Gauges: Batteries included!
  • Nutrient Testing Meter: Don't guess. This easy to read digital readout tells you how much nutrients to use.
  • All-In-One Plant Fertilizer: Simple for beginners but powerful enough for pros and ideal for all plant types.
  • Light Timer: Heavy duty, electric plug-in unit easily automates your lighting cycles.
  • Spray-N-Grow Foliar Spray: Increase yield, reduce plant stress, increase root mass.
  • Instructions! Easy to follow written and DVD instructions. Full tech support.
  • And So Much More!

    Sunlight Solutions have not only analyzed and engineered the best technology for cannabis grow room system, they can do it for the best price thanks to their economies of scale. If you're looking for a larger scale grow unit, they have those too. Don't need a kit? You can buy your supplies a la carte.

    Need lights? They got em.

    Looking for reflective material? Want black and white poly? Permaflect? 1 mil? 4 mil? Not sure? These guys, can hook you up.

    If you're going to go to the effort and expense of cultivating your own medical marijuana, don't compromise. Grow the best quality plants you possibly can and do yourself a favor and check out Sunlight Solutions. You will save yourself a lot of headache, lost plants and costly mistakes if you consult with the experts to guide you.

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