Papa Johns Pizza Suck

Papa Johns Pizza suck and their delivery people will narc on you.

Few things go together as well as peanut butter and jelly, Crockett and Tubbs or pizza and marijuana. So you can imagine a medical marijuana patient's surprise when a half hour after his pie shows up, the popo come a knockin' on his door.

Aurora, CO resident and licensed medical marijuana patient Rick Smith placed an order with Papa Johns Pizza. He even pre-tipped the driver with his online order. He smoked a quick bowl and sat down to play some video games while awaiting his delivery. Shortly thereafter his pizza shows up. No big deal, right?

Less than 30 minutes later, there's a banging on his door. "I immediately knew that it was the police knocking by the sound of it," Smith said.

One of Aurora's finest said dispatch received a call from a Papa Johns delivery driver saying there were small children around people smoking pot. It is department policy to check on situations where children may be in danger.

Smith shows the officer his medical marijuana license and said the driver had likely seen the children's playhouse in the driveway as his 9-year old daughter was upstairs.

Fortunately the police officer recongized the silliness of this call and even told Smith it was, "no big deal." The officer apologized for disturbing his dinner and left without writing a report.

Happy ending, right? Oh, it gets better.

Papa Johns Pizza Stand By Their Narc

Justifiably outraged at this Orwellian secret police intrusion upon his domicile, Smith called Papa Johns to file a complaint and see that some type of disciplinary action be taken against the driver.

The store manager defended the driver's actions. Papa Johns Pizza's national office has yet to reach out to Smith.

A quote from a Colorado Papa Johns Pizza spokesperson issued the following statement: "Papa Johns of Colorado wants to stand behind the decision that this delivery driver made. He was acting as a concerned citizen and for what he believes was the best interests of our community."

However, a spokeswoman for Papa Johns Pizza's corporate office in Kentucky said the company's delivery driver handbook addresses what drivers should do if they are "potentially a victim of a crime." Most commonly being robbery.

National Papa John's spokeswoman, Trish Muldoon: "Our drivers have the rights or obligations that any other private citizen would feel if they think they are witnessing a crime or a scene of the crime," she stresses. "In short, our handbook does not address if an employee reports a potential crime while in the line of their work."

Not that what Smith was doing in the privacy of his own home was any kind of crime at all.

Free Pizza Pie? That's Amore!

Meet Sexy Pizza of Denver. A locally owned pizza joint who's co-owner Kayvan Khalabari is also co-owner of the Denver Relief dispensary.

Sexy Pizza sets aside $1 from the sale of three specialty pizzas for cannabis advocacy groups SAFER, Sensible Colorado, and the Medical Marijuana Assistance Program of America.

Sexy Pizza has offered Smith a free pizza every month until November 2012 when Coloradans will have the opportunity to vote for the Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol Act which will decriminalize pot in small amounts for recreational use and set up a regulatory system.

Random Sidebar: PBS is showing the latest Ken Burns documentary, "Prohibition". It details the many unintended consequences of prohibition and what an epic failure it was.

"Prohibition turned law-abiding citizens into criminals, made a mockery of the justice system, caused illicit drinking to seem glamorous and fun . . ."

Have our elected officials really learned nothing from history or are they criminally corrupt? You be the judge.

If the measure passes, Khalabari promises to give Smith a free pizza every month for the rest of his life. Suh-WEET!!

Now I've never heard of Sexy Pizza until this story. And I've never been a big Papa John's customer. But you can bet I'll never order from Papa John's ever and will patronize Sexy Pizza. I think I'm too far to be in their delivery area. But it would be worth visiting the shop and letting them know they rock. Businesses like these deserve our support.

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